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Should you match your nail polish to your outfit ?


Should you match your nail polish to your outfit ?

More than just a finish, nail polish works like a real accessory. It will have the effect of sublimating your nails by giving the essential neat touch. As with a bag, a jewel or a hairstyle element, the nail polish must match your personality. But should you match your nail polish to your outfit? To answer this fashion question, we will first look at the different types of nail polish. We will then look at tips on how to match your nail polish with your outfit and finally, how to varnish your nails according to the seasons.

What are the different types of nail polish?

Varnish, as we know it today in the form of a bottle equipped with a brush, was invented in 1932 by Charles Revson, at the origin of the famous Revlon brand. Although at that time only a limited number of colours were offered, today the range of colours is immense. On the same principle, we find many finishes with the aim of adapting to the references of each woman. Here are the different types of nail polish:

Different types of nail polish

  • Nail Polish: This is the basic version of nail polish. It exists in a multitude of colors and does not give a specific finish. The nails are clean, clean and neat, it is the ideal product for everyday use.
  • Metallic Nail Polish : its colour with a shimmery finish to add shine to the nail. This lacquered effect will go perfectly with basic colors like red or brown or light colors like pink or nude.
  • Matte Varnish : With no gloss, it gives the fingertips an original and sophisticated look. It will be found mainly in basic shades such as beige or rosé.
  • Glitter Polish : It is available in a coloured or transparent version. Sequins of different shapes and colors are added to its texture to add a festive and shiny look to your nails. Apply alone or in top coat.
  • Caviar Polish : if you don’t know this type of varnish, know that its texture is coarser than that of other versions because added microbeads. It is used for special occasions and will give a high fashion effect to your hands. However, it is quite long and complex to apply and you should not rely on the long hold.

How do you match your nail polish with your outfit?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter by seeing how to match your nail polish with your outfit. There is obviously no question of redoing your manicure every day so that your nails are in perfect correlation with your clothes of the day.

Apply nail polish to an accessory

A nail polish, even more so if it is a semi-permanent nail polish, will have the advantage of holding on to your nails for a few days before chipping. It will then be a question of opting for nail makeup that will adapt to your general dress style. Here are a few tips:

Focus on neutral and basic hues

Discreet and neutral colours are well known for giving your nails a neat finish while blending perfectly with any outfit. Whether you are discreet or a fan of eccentric outfits, neutral colours will never lead you to «fashion faux-pas». However, be sure to choose a neutral shade close to that of your skin or opt for transparent varnish.

You can also choose to varnish your nails with a basic color like red and its variants (raspberry, burgundy, etc.). This classic shade is timeless and will match all your outfits, day and night.

Play with Winning Associations

Some colors are known to associate particularly. But you have to know the right color associations in order to make a good cut. A red or orange nail polish will match perfectly with a blue or denim outfit, and will be remarkable on a total black look.

Khaki, mustard yellow or grey will be perfectly highlighted by a fuchsia or burgundy varnish. Finally, neutral colors such as grey, brown or black will have the advantage of joining forces with a number of outfits, from the most basic to the most colorful.

You can also match the color of your nail polish with an accessory such as a jewel, scarf or bag. This tint reminder will create some relevant cohesion in your outfit.

Tone on tone, good idea?

If you are afraid of taking risks and falling into too much, you may want to be safe with tone-on-tone. In this case, we advise you to avoid the mono chrome look, but you can varnish your nails in the same color as one of the elements of your outfit.

Are you wearing a blue suit with a white caraco and afraid to slice with a nail polish that’s too bright? Feel free to paint your nails blue or white! The tone on tone will avoid you to be mistaken in the associations of colors. Beware, however, of the total black look, which would make an image too sad.

Varnish nails according to the seasons

The seasons will also have an impact on how you dress and therefore on which nail polish colors you choose. For this, take inspiration from the colors of nature: in autumn, plants are adorned with warm colors, brown, golden and dark green. Do the same!

Varnish nails according to season

In winter, we’ll be more focused on ice colours like white, blue and silver to bring a festive touch to our sad turtleneck sweaters. In spring, the blooming of new flowers will make us want bright and colorful nail polish to brighten up our basic outfits. Pink, purple or water green will be featured.

Finally, in summer we can afford the most eccentric colors, such as fluorescent colors: fuchsia, orange or yellow varnish to match our swimwear. But also softer and pastel shades, like a soft holiday air. Coral, turquoise or emerald will perfectly enhance our little flowing dresses.

We hope this article will have helped you answer the question “should you apply your nail polish to your outfit? ”. Be aware that this list of tips is not exhaustive and that it is also important, as for his look, to varnish his nails according to his own desires and according to his personality. The nail art has never been more developed than it is now, whether on natural nails or artificial nails.