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  • The Highlighter in all its states !
    The Highlighter in all its states !
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    Appearing on the faces of stars a few years ago, the highlighter is now a must-have in our makeup kits. Contrary to the trend that previously wanted the face to be perfectly mattified, it is now customary to bring shine on certain strategic areas. However, be careful! This brilliance must be perfectly controlled for a good-looking effect. Of course, this fairly recent product requires that you know it perfectly before you start using it.

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  • Summer : Freshness in Makeup !
    Summer : Freshness in Makeup !
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    As the new summer season approaches, many of us are looking at the red carpets in hopes of getting an idea of the new clothing and makeup trends. The advantage with the arrival of beautiful days is the possibility of adopting a lighter makeup that will simply highlight our pretty tanned skin. It is then said goodbye to covering complexion products and dark shades worn during the fall and winter.

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    Retrouvez sur cette page l'ensemble des concours que nous proposons,  L'ensemble de ces concours sont sans obligation d'achat,

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  • Spring-Summer Makeup Trends
    Spring-Summer Makeup Trends
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    Depending on the season, we do not adopt the same makeup techniques. In the summer, we tend to have a lighter hand and use different products, essentially allowing us to highlight our pretty tanned skin. The essential thing is to have a radiant, fresh and luminous complexion. To do this, new techniques have been created to make us beautiful, day and night, while pampering our skin. 

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  • How do we offer cheap makeup ?
    How do we offer cheap makeup ?
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    Feeling beautiful and feeling good about yourself is a daily requirement. In this sense, each woman must be able to take care of herself without this having too much impact on her monthly budget. While the range of cosmetics was extremely varied, it is nevertheless essential that each of us be able to afford quality makeup, allowing us to sublimate ourselves without harming our health.

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  • How do I make up black skin ?
    How do I make up black skin ?
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    Black skin tends to shine, lack radiance, or have small color differences depending on the area of the face. It is therefore essential to find the care that will succeed in correcting while enhancing an ebony color skin. But, if the choice of products to cleanse and moisturize is vast, the step of makeup can often prove delicate.

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  • How do I make up tanned skin ?
    How do I make up tanned skin ?
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    The long-awaited season will soon be here and with it the return of our beautiful tanned skin. The sun alone can give us the good-looking effect that we regret the other months of the year. But, no question of making a cross on makeup, just find the appropriate make-up products. Indeed, you will not use the same cosmetics in summer as during the gloomy months.

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  • How do I apply makeup ?
    How do I apply makeup ?
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    Makeup is supposed to sublimate our face and reveal our natural beauty. However, to achieve the desired effect, a number of rules must be followed. But, while most women know a minimum of beauty products, not all have the technique to apply their makeup the right way.

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  • How do I take care of my face skin ?
    How do I take care of my face skin ?
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    It is the skin of the face that is the thinnest and most fragile, yet it is the skin that is most exposed to various aggressions. Pollution, UV rays, glacial wind, it is essential to provide regular and specific care to prevent premature aging of the skin. For this, some rules of hygiene and care are to be applied daily. In this article, here is how to take care of your skin.

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  • How do I adapt my makeup to benefit from the effects of the sun ?
    How do I adapt my makeup to benefit from the effects of the sun ?
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    The sunny days come and with them the return of the sun. In addition to the fact that temperatures are slowly starting to rise, UV rays are starting to become more powerful and the ambient air is less dry. If we hurry to bring out our lighter clothes, the makeup must also evolve according to the seasons and the outdoor temperatures. 

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  • Eye Shadow Trends in 2021
    Eye Shadow Trends in 2021
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    Eye shadows are an unbeatable part of our makeup kits. We like to have several in order to match our outfits, our moods, but also to associate them with each other. However, depending on the season, we will not apply the same shades to our eyes. Directly inspired by red carpets, eyeshadow trends in 2021 will surprise us by breaking the codes established until then. Follow the guide to find out everything!

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  • How to revive dull winter skin ?
    How to revive dull winter skin ?
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    Winter and cold conditions put our skin to the test. It tugs, scratches and can sometimes present redness and scales. If one coats the body with oil and moisturizing cream while waiting for the redoux, it is less obvious with regard to the skin of our face. Indeed, it is on the front line facing the wind, cold and grayness and must be especially pampered. If you think your complexion looks grey, we’ll give you 9 tips on how to revive dull winter skin.

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