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Well-defined eyebrows remain the basis of a successful make. But in the face of the multitude of products offered on the market, to what make-up to eyebrows look ? Eyebrow pencils, wax eyebrows, gel for eyebrows... here you will Find some of our tips for choosing the right makeup product for brows to use.

Eyebrow pencils for a natural result

Without doubt the makeup eyebrows the choice for the makeup lovers, the pencil, however, is not the easiest to use. It is especially suited to people who want to give a specific shape to their eyebrows.

If you're struggling to standardize your eyebrows, choose eyebrow pencils. This type of makeup helps you to address the areas of your eyebrows that seem sparse. The eyebrow pencil is available in several shades. You just need to choose the one that most closely matches the color of your hair for a natural result.

Choose a darker shade to draw the tail of your brow and a lighter shade to soften the head. Thus, you'll have a result that is authentic and balanced. To properly apply your eyebrow pencil, take time to draw your eyebrows hair by hair in the thinned areas. The makeup brands cheap such as L'oréal or Gemey Maybelline, available on I Feel The Happiness, offer different types of eyebrow pencils that will surely make your happiness.

Gel for eyebrows for eyebrows that are well defined

Today, the trend is to eyebrows on fleek, eyebrows on a a zero defect. To draw your eyebrows and for a perfect result, the gel for eyebrows is your best ally. The favorite brands of the followers of the makeup such as L'oreal or even Gemey Maybelline are at your fingertips at the lowest price in our catalogue that offers you a wide range of make-up including freezing the eyebrows. With this type of makeup for the eyebrows, it's just a single passage for a net result and perfect. In fact, there is nothing better for a more in-depth look into two times, three movements.

Beauty tip : if you are blessed to have the eyebrows that, in battle, it is useless to opt for a gel for eyebrows tinted. Opt rather for the models transparent to tame your eyebrows, to discipline the unruly hair and have one made flawless. In I Feel the Happiness, we offer many cosmetic products to take care of your eyebrows, whether it's mascara, illuminator or our gels for eyebrows, you will definitely find the product that will put your face value !

Wax eyebrows for a make-up flawless

The wax eyebrows is also a must for eyebrows well-worked. Easy-to-use, wax the eyebrows is an excellent alternative to draw them. Just apply it using an angled brush for more precision. Pulling on the tail of the eyebrow and run a few thin lines to the level of the head for a pro. Offering a getting started easier, wax the eyebrows also allows you to set, and is therefore a must if you want a result that holds throughout the day.

Eyebrow makeup makes a look pronounced and sublime your look. If the trend was to the eyebrows utra purposes a few years ago, it has evolved. Now, opt for eyebrows, well-designed and maintained, more or less thick according to your preferences. I Feel the Happiness will accompany you in your approach to beauty by allowing you to acquire felts, powders, or kits to enhance your eyebrows and give intensity to your look.

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