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Nail polish

The varnish is a symbol of femininity and a pleasure for the eyes. When properly laid, it makes your hands look fantastic. Applying nail polish is an art and to have a top manicure, you have to use quality cosmetics. This is essential for the health of the nails and their daily protection. Je Sens le Bonheur provides you with the best articles for a successful manicure. We also give you some tips for a professional manicure.

The right cheap brand nail polish

Varnish is a fashion accessory in its own right. It is part of your style. It is first selected according to the desired rendering. Here you find the V ernis nail cheap brand in versions perfect for everyday looks. They can be iridescent or metallic for a more sophisticated look. To change the effect, you can choose a matte varnish to prefer in nude colors. In addition, for special occasions, let yourself be seduced by the glitter varnish.

We also choose a varnish according to its quality. The ones we offer have intense pigments , they last longer and they are easy to remove to redo the manicure. The color should ideally match that of your lipstick or jewelry. However, you can play on the contrasts depending on the desired style. For a summer look, for example, we will opt for a fuchsia-colored varnish if we wear a coral-colored ring.

Some tips for applying your nail polish

The installation of a varnish is carried out in three main stages:

  • The application of the base;
  • The application of varnish;
  • Protection with the top coat.

Before applying the varnish, you must file the nails in one direction. Save your cuticles, as they protect the nails from infection. It is a good idea to hydrate them before polishing. Then use our cheap branded base coat to protect the nails and prevent yellowing and other damage. Now start to apply your polish in thin layers for quick drying.

Remove any overflow from the skin with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. Finally, apply our inexpensive branded top coat to prolong the duration of the manicure. It is important to also apply an inexpensive branded cuticle care product, to optimize nail protection. It prevents accidental breakage, hardens the nail and increases shine.

Save on your branded nail polish

Do you want to get cheap branded nail care ? You are in the right place. We offer you at low prices quality varnishes from brands that no longer present. Whether it is ESSIE , L'Oréal Paris or Gemey Maybelline , you are guaranteed to get prestigious products. All our cosmetic products are laboratory tested and incorporate formulas enriched with natural extracts to provide maximum protection for your nails. Other brands like Color Riche , Infaillible , Superstay , and Colorshow design products that are as stylish as they are efficient.

You no longer need to spend a fortune to have a flawless manicure. Get your cheap designer nail care right now and create fascinating looks!

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