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Shadow to the Eyelid

The eye shadow is the perfect accessory to enhance the look of the fairer sex. It is also called the eyeshadow, and remains, an indispensable product in the makeup kits of all women. Discover different types of eyeshadows as well as tricks and tips I Feel the Happiness to sublimate your look.

The basic principles to apply eye shadow

If this is the first time that you use an eye shadow, we advise you to turn to the products sold in pallets. This way, you can enjoy the palette of colors available. In order to highlight the natural shape of your eyes, the specialists of the aesthetic usually recommend playing with the contrast of light and dark. This means that you have to opt for lighter colors on the curved part of your eyelid that is light. Palette the Rock Nude in Maybelline, available on I Feel the Happiness, is one of the pallets of eye shadow available for cheap and that offer a nice rendering.

On the other hand, opt for darker shades on the area of your eye that forms a hollow in order to further accentuate the shadows. Then, it is necessary to select the shade the most of your eyeshadow not expensive and apply it on the inner corner of your eyes. I Sense the Happiness, you will find different types of palettes eyeshadow cheap delivered with a small flat brush to apply it. Illuminate your look will then become a child's play. After successful completion of this step, choose a lighter shade to the one you have used before. Use the brush to apply it to the entire eyelid, up to crease of the eye.

Finally, take a round brush in your kit ofeye shadow not expensive and use a third color. Throw your eyes on a darker shade. This allows you to make more out of the corner extreme or the hollow of the eyelid. It is even possible to continue up to the edge of the eyelashes.

Small tip : be sure to fade the eyeshadows to melt between them and to avoid demarcations.

Different presentations for all tastes

It goes without saying that the eyeshadow is a must to draw a beautiful look at the woman. However, the products chosen by the ones who apply the first time are obviously different from those that are suitable for women who use it daily. All the more as the shape and depth of the eyes varies from one woman to the other. Similarly, the preferences in terms of color vary from one person to another. This encourages the manufacturers of beauty products to create different presentations of eyeshadow cheap.

Similarly, color palettes are very diverse. White, metallic, passing through the iridescent, yellow, gray, nude, green, pink and blue, you will surely find your happiness ! In addition, more brands such as Astor, L'oréal, Bourjois Paris, Rimmel London, or Gemey Maybelline are competing in order to meet the requirements of women of all ages. As well, you will find in this section of the eye shadows in the form of cream, such as the color tattoos 24 HOURS at Gemey Maybelline, liquid, palette, gel, powder-free, etc

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