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A cosmetic product must have, the mascara stuff and dress our eyelashes for a look pronounced. Curling, lengthening, volumizing... the mascara meets all your desires and all your needs in terms of makeup. Mascara support for glowing eyes in the ceremony or draftsman for a look that's light and fresh at the office, check out the one that suits you best from our selection of mascara cheap quality and I Feel the Happiness.

The mascara, your ally beauty for a makeup successful day

L'oréal, Gemey Maybelline... the brands favourite makeup lovers compete to provide a mascara cheap, adapted to the needs and budget of all the followers of the makeup. For a look worthy of the greatest Hollywood stars, the waterproof mascara is your best asset. Not the time for a make-up sophisticated and a total look ? Not to worry, apply a coat of mascara for a look of embers and you're ready in a few brush strokes ! In I Feel the Happiness, we offer you different mascaras of quality, such as the Drama Push for Maybelline New York.

Associated to a blush for a healthy glow and a foundation or a concealer to hide small imperfections, mascara is the key to a perfect look throughout the day. The advantage of mascara : you can skip on the eyeshadows for a look stressed. To give a nice length to the lashes, opt for a black mascara or brown, the lures extensive. The mascara volumizing for its reserves instead of for your looks of the evening. The Push Up Angel Very Black signed by Maybelline, available on I Feel the Happiness remains a choice of reference for a mascara volumizing cheap.

Mascara, the must have for a smokey eye flawless

In the evening, our eyes are more intense and we opted for a look that's smokey with the smokey eye. Dare then look more pigmented, or darker, and boost the volume of your eyelashes with your mascara volumizing at a low price. To avoid the risk of ending up with a eye of panda, opt for waterproof version still. In effect, the water-resistant mascara guarantees you a perfect look throughout the evening. The mascara Karl Lagerfeld X in L'oréal, which you can find on I can Feel the Happiness, for example offering an excellent quality/price ratio.

On the other hand, if your eyelashes are flat, whip out your eyelash curler and opt for a mascara curling. By editing the curve of your lashes beforehand, your mascara will no longer be effective and will provide you with a gaze intense in the evening.

Tip to apply your mascara like a pro : make a zig-zag pattern with your brush and stretch it up to the tip of your lashes. You'll avoid the packages of mascara that tend to weigh down the lashes. For a more intense effect, don't hesitate to apply two or three coats. You will find in this section various models of mascaras cheap and quality, such as Mascara Volum' Express Colossal Go EXTREME with Maybelline, which will offer you a nice render.

Mascara colored to give a little oomph to your looks

Mascara blue mascara green mascara purple... and if you dare the coloured versions ? It goes without saying that the mascara black or brown is a safe bet to delight each of your looks, day or night. However, test variations of that color to a original makeup.

You'll also find mascara cheap version of flashy that will give you the look of a star. Very likely, the mascara blue invites now in our makeup kits. You can also opt for a mascara in purple, the colour of the year in terms of makeup. You can also test the versions emerald, dark green to innovate your look. L'oréal, Gemey Maybelline... discover the brands of cosmetics the most popular in terms of mascara cheap quality and I Feel the Happiness.

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