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Present in more than 100 countries, Gemey Maybelline is the world leader in make-up. The brand offers very effective products to sublimate nails, eyes and especially lips. Its latest addition is the Matte Ink lipstick range which is also a worldwide success. Find here the best lip products to have a matte, velvety and long-lasting finish.

Superstay Matte Ink, the promise of professional rendering

We all hate lipsticks that crumble during a meal or just don't hold. In the end, you have to clean them and redo them again and again. With the Matte Ink product line, you gain confidence. The lipsticks of this range offer a covering texture without transfer and a hold of up to 16h . We like the simple packaging which allows you to quickly find the color you are looking for. In addition, the square shape of the tubes prevents them from rolling, regardless of the surface.

You can choose between a lipstick or a lip liner depending on your preferences. The pencil is particularly recommended for those who are fed up with conventional pencils. Our Matte Ink pencils offer a precise lead, an ultra-comfortable texture and a long-lasting matte finish . In addition, they are retractable and have a very practical integrated pencil sharpener.

Over 29 bold and modern shades by Gemey Maybelline

The range which initially contained 8 shades now offers dozens to suit all skin tones and all tastes. From nude to darker shades including reds, each product has a name that makes it unique. We particularly like lipsticks:

  • Heroine;
  • Believer;
  • Romantic;
  • Pioneer;
  • Loyalist;
  • Travel ;
  • Creator.

All the shades allow you to have ultra pigmented lips . The products are enriched with highly concentrated ingredients that provide vibrant coverage. They do not dry out the lips and provide a really comfortable and soft texture . In addition, they give the lips a very pleasant, delicate fruity scent. After 16 hours of holding, the color begins to fade delicately without demarcation. You can then use a makeup remover to remove it and change color if desired.

Creamy texture and precise application

The liquid texture of Gemey Maybelline Matte Ink Lipsticks has nothing to do with formulas that almost look like water. We have the pleasure of applying a lipstick similar to a foam very pleasant in contact with the lips . It only takes a small amount to achieve an even coat.

The applicator is also out of the ordinary. It slides easily and has an arrow shape that allows you to make an impeccable line especially for drawing the cupid's bow. In addition, there is a hole in the middle which serves as a very practical reservoir for applying makeup to the lips without taking up any product. It only takes a few minutes for complete drying. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will have no difficulty in sublimating your lips with Superstay Matte Ink products.

Find on Je Sens le Bonheur the best matte lipstick at prices accessible to all budgets. Over 34 long-lasting products are available right away!

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