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Quality makeup doesn't have to cost the eyes of the head! This is the whole objective of Jesenslebonheur.fr : to offer its customers quality and branded products at discounted prices. Our online cosmetic store offers a multitude of inexpensive makeup products for the complexion, eyes, lips, nails, etc. You will be able to find on the platform products from the biggest make-up brands such as L'Oréal Paris, Gemey Maybelline, ESSIE. Something to have fun and make yourself beautiful without breaking the bank with high-end products!

Products from essential cosmetic brands

Make-up has become a must for many of us. It allows us to highlight what we have most beautiful and to hide small imperfections. But to avoid the risk of spoiling your skin and aggravating the small problems already present, it is essential to opt for quality products .

There is a reason why we prefer to choose branded products: they are more reliable. These brands have built their reputation on the satisfaction of customers who have continued to purchase their products over the years. In the world of cosmetics, we notably find prestigious brands such as L'Oréal Paris, Gemey Maybelline or even ESSIE . At Je Sens le Bonheur, we also strive to find small brands for our customers that offer quality products. Our goal: to offer the best beauty products at the best price!

If you already have your favorite brand, we have taken care to organize the products according to the brands. So all you have to do is go to the category of your favorite brand and find the product you are used to or try the adventure and discover all the new products .

An assortment of products to enhance your lips

Je Sens le Bonheur offers you lipsticks in all the colors of the rainbow. You will of course find classic shades like red, pink or orange, but we also offer purple lipstick, and even blue or yellow for the fanciest! The trend is also mat. So you can find lipsticks Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink for current and affordable makeup with us!

With all this, it will be easy to match the color of your lipstick to your outfit of the day. We also know that it is important for our customers to have a wide choice in order to be able to choose the shade that best emphasizes their complexion! So, indulge yourself!

To have a beautiful full mouth , a beautiful lipstick can be further accentuated with a lip liner. Before applying the lipstick, don't forget the lip balm to nourish the skin and make your mouth all the more beautiful. Every now and then, it's also important to scrub her lips with the exfoliation products we offer to remove residue and have a really sexy mouth!

Lip lacquers, glosses and even markers are also available on the site to bring that touch of glam to the lips that we all love, depending on your mood, day or night.

A flawless complexion, right away!

Who does not dream of displaying baby skin, devoid of spots, wrinkles, pimples and small imperfections of all kinds? So, of course, you have to take care of your skin. But to display flawless skin, there right away, nothing like the inexpensive complexion products offered by your favorite online store.

Any self-respecting makeup fan knows that the application takes place according to a very specific process. It's quite an art and it is not the make-up lovers who will contradict us. We start by primer to prepare your skin, moisturize it and minimize blemishes . Then you can apply the foundation to unify the skin and hide imperfections. For those who want to take care of their skin at the same time, BB creams and CC creams are ideal. These are treatments combining several effects at the same time: hydration, complexion unifier, sun protection, anti-dark spot or anti-wrinkle treatment, etc.

Corrector and concealer are also steps that should not be skipped. They allow you to hide all the little pimples and dark circles of all kinds. Contouring enthusiasts can also find products in our store that will allow them to achieve makeup worthy of Kim K. The powder will then allow you to set the makeup. You can opt for a bronzer to give the impression that you have just returned from a few weeks of vacation in the Seychelles.

After lipstick and eye shadow, the application of high-lighter allows you to have that touch of glow that has become essential and that all girls covet. But first, don't forget a touch of blush to look good and display a peachy complexion.

All the products to carry out these steps, girls can find them at discounted prices in the Je Sens le Bonheur cosmetic catalog. Enough to complete your collection to achieve flawless makeup every day!

Doe eyes to never go unnoticed

The eyes are part of the seductive assets that magnify a face. So don't hesitate to embellish them. Je Sens le Bonheur offers all the products you need to make you beautiful with ease and without breaking the bank.

Today, having well defined and full eyebrows has become a must. To have a perfect brow line, we offer eyebrow pencils, transparent and tinted eyebrow gel or even eyebrow wax . The wide variety of branded products offered on our cosmetic store allows make-up lovers, beginners as well as confirmed, to have eyebrows on fleek that highlight them. You can choose between many shades to get as close as possible to the color of your hair for a truly natural result.

After the eyebrows, you can switch to eye shadow to further enhance your eyes. At Je Sens le Bonheur, we offer you different branded makeup palettes for this, allowing you to mix colors as you wish. For doe eyes, don't forget the famous eyeliner, which you can find in liquid, gel or pencil version in our catalog of makeup products at discounted prices. A pronounced look could not be without mascara , which curls and lengthens the lashes to perfection.

Be beautiful to the tips of your nails

There is nothing more attractive than a feminine and well-groomed woman and that necessarily goes through our hands. The nails, more specifically, must be clean and manicured. To give them the "final touch" and sublimate them, nothing like a beautiful nail polish. There again, no compromise on quality so as not to damage her beautiful nails! Je Sens le Bonheur t' offers the best branded makeup at discount prices .

Whatever their color (pink, red, nude, purple ...), nail polishes are endowed with intense pigments, for a color that stands out wonderfully. The quality of the products offered also ensures optimal hold. So you won't have to be afraid of your polish peeling off after the second day, when you go to an important appointment.

As with makeup, the application of varnish must follow a very specific process for optimal results. It will first of all be necessary to apply a base coat to take care of the nail , to protect it and for the varnish to hold perfectly. You can then apply the varnish in two coats, leaving the first to dry well before putting on the second. Finally, you will have to apply the top coat , which will bring a smooth and shiny effect and which will ensure a perfect hold for several days.

Obviously, you have to clean and file your nails beforehand, but we won't teach you that! You will find all these essential products and at discounted prices in our catalog designed just for you. And if you pay attention to detail to make you feel beautiful, we also offer cuticle care to help you achieve even more perfect and well-groomed hands.

Irresistible perfumes at discount prices

Unforgettable women have a signature scent. Whether you have already found yours or are still looking for it, your online cosmetics store Je Sens Le Bonheur allows you to find the most bewitching pa rfums at a low price .

Products suitable for all skin types

It is well known that the same products are not used for combination skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and dry skin. The wrong choice of product opens the door to worsening problems with your skin type.

On Je Sens le Bonheur, we have thought of everything since you can find many products suitable for all skin types u : products with strong moisturizing power for skin prone to dryness, products with gentle active ingredients for sensitive skin, etc.

Adopt the right foundation and the care adapted to your skin to pamper it even more!

Good deals all year round

Not content with offering its customers discount prices on all of its products, Je Sens Le Bonheur also regularly offers promotions, allowing you to save more and to indulge yourself at the lowest price. You will be able to enjoy regular clearance of branded makeup all year round !

The satisfaction of our customers is also an absolute priority for us. We have therefore developed a range of quality services to best meet everyone's needs. After your order, you will be able to receive the products in particular within average time of e 24 to 48 hours only for France and 3 to 7 working days for the rest of Europe. Je Sens le Bonheur has established partnerships with La Poste, Chronopost, Colissimo, Happy Post and Mondial Relay. In most cases, you will be able to follow the delivery of the order in real time. Your items are perfectly packaged and protected to arrive safe and sound at their destination.

Our makeup shop also offers you a two-week withdrawal period. Simply contact customer service for returns, for a fee. It is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . You can then contact him for any questions or advice.

Also take advantage of a perfectly secure payment method on the site for all your purchases!

A blog to master the art of makeup

Many of us are drawn to the art of make-up, not knowing exactly how to go about it. To help makeup beginners, but also to allow you to find lots of tips to polish your technique, the site has its blog at your disposal.

You can learn how to apply makeup tes eyebrows , which is not always easy with the different techniques and products available, or again the way to sublimate your eyes to be even more crisp.

The blog also provides tips for displaying beautiful skin, eliminating signs of fatigue, overcoming the gray complexion of winter , or choosing your mascara, etc. You will have no more excuses not to be on top!

Satisfied customers

I Feel Happiness displays a rate of its t is f a c tion of 9.8 out of 10 from its customers. Our shop is appreciated for the quality and the discounted prices of the branded products, for the conformity with respect to the presentation, but also for the speed of delivery and for the care taken in the packaging.

The collection and management of customer reviews on the site comply with the quality and transparency required by the Company of Guaranteed Reviews. So you can have fun with your eyes closed!

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