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Makeup and Hair Styling: In what order ?


Makeup and Hair Styling: In what order ?

Every day, as soon as it gets up, a real race against the clock starts. Among the essential actions to be carried out is that of beautification. If for some, it is a simple cleansing and care ritual (anti-dark circles) followed by a nude makeup (eyeshadows with light shades, beige or nude gloss, etc.), for others it can be somewhat more complex. Are you a makeup/hairdressing fan? Or do you have to perform every morning a sophisticated makeup and hairstyle for a professional reason? A question then arises: makeup and hair: in what order should these steps be carried out? If you think this is a secondary question, you’ll be surprised how it can affect how well your day goes. These routine actions are indeed more important than you think. So we asked ourselves the question for you, and here are our conclusions.

Start with make-up or hair styling: focus on common sense

Of course, every day or night may not be the same, and fortunately! This will build on your natural common sense and start by asking you relevant questions such as:

  • What is the nature of my outing? (Business, chivalry, evening, office day, etc.)
  • What’s the weather like today? Depending on the answer to this question, you will not opt for the same makeup and/or hairdressing techniques.
  • How much time do I have to sublimate?

Sophisticated contouring / styling worked

In addition, it will be interesting to think ahead of time about the makeup and hair you want. This will give us valuable information about possible accessories to use. For example, if you have planned to use a straightening or curling iron, you will have to start with the hairstyle. The heat emitted by these devices can affect your makeup (foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara or eye shadow). Moreover, even if the hairstyle escapes you slightly during the day, you can still catch it. This will be more difficult to do if you wear a sophisticated technique, especially eye makeup (false eyelashes, eyebrows, smoky, etc.).

It is therefore advisable in this case to start by performing your hairstyle. This is especially true since we hope that our makeup will be as fresh as possible when we arrive at our workstation or meeting place. Thus, it will take as long as possible to design its beauty. Finally, you make up last is also an effective way of not being bothered by your hair (which stick to the eyelid preventing the pencil application or cheekbones hindering the passage of the brush to blush). They will already be capped and/or attached. As we have just seen, we recommend as much as possible to start with the hairstyle and end up with makeup.

Put on your make-up or hair first – act according to your circumstances

But this rule is obviously adaptable according to the circumstances. Especially with regard to the external conditions in which you will find yourself or the time, more or less important, that you will have to prepare yourself. You might decide to do makeup in the first place if, for example, you need to focus on technique. In the case of an important appointment where your day makeup must be flawless to camouflage your small imperfections, it is better to start with this one, because it will take you longer than styling.

Blue Eye Makeup and Hair

In addition, most women have a well-functioning makeup routine and repeat the same gestures every day. This habit can be reassuring and you may feel the need to start with this step to feel good, ready for the day ahead. This will reduce your time for makeup and allow you to focus on your hair. This situation may change somewhat in the case of an evening, where makeup can be different: more sustained or less conventional.

You are now familiar with the different cases that can make you start with makeup or hair. To conclude, we think it is appropriate to start with the hairstyle and then have a free face to put on makeup. However, you can completely switch between these two steps for reasons of personal preference or organization.

How do you do your wedding day?

One particular case remains to be seen, and not the least: How do you do your wedding day? This particular case needs to be addressed because of many questions about it, which can be found on forums. However, it cannot be the subject of a generality since one usually marries only once in one’s life. After researching, it appears that it is advisable to start with the hairstyle and to bring in your wedding makeup artist only once this step is completed. As you can see, you will only be able to put on your dress once you have done both beauty treatments.

Wedding and Wedding Hairstyle

It would be a shame to damage your hair by passing your dress or staining it with makeup. For the specific case of the wedding, however, we advise you to remain flexible and above all to be guided by the professionals who will surround you on D-Day. It is indeed an opportunity that requires you to remain focused on the organization of the ceremony in itself.even. Leave the aesthetic questions to the right ones and avoid torturing your mind as much as possible. In other words, let yourself be pampered and trust your hairdresser and make-up artist.

We hope to have answered the question: Makeup and Hair: In what order should these steps be performed? Be aware that in addition to following these steps in a specific order, there are many techniques and specific makeup and skincare products (fixing spray, make-up base, etc.) that will allow you to save time and efficiency. In addition, the right option will be one that will make you feel perfectly comfortable and glamorous.