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Posted in : "2020 - December"

  • Top 10 des produits de maquillage Gemey Maybelline
    Top 10 des produits de maquillage Gemey Maybelline
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    Le maquillage occupe depuis longtemps et encore de nos jours une place importante chez la gent féminine. Et ça, Gemey Maybelline l'a très vite compris. Actuellement considérée comme le leader mondial du maquillage, la marque travaille chaque jour à proposer des produits cosmétiques de qualité irréprochable, afin de rehausser la beauté naturelle de la femme. Pour vous aider à y voir plus clair parmi ceux-ci, nous avons sélectionné pour vous 10 des meilleurs produits de maquillage Gemey...

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  • Top 10 des meilleurs produits L'Oréal Paris
    Top 10 des meilleurs produits L'Oréal Paris
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    Pour un maquillage réussi, on ne fait pas de concession sur les produits et les accessoires employés. On mise sur des marques soucieuses de notre beauté, notre santé et de l'environnement. Faites confiance aux produits L'Oréal, une marque dont la qualité et le professionnalisme justifient la popularité. Elle rallie à la perfection la sensorialité des textures et l'art de la couleur. On reconnaît la qualité de ses produits à la précision de tracé, au confort offert et à la beauté qu'elle met à...

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  • How to have a successful manicure ?
    How to have a successful manicure ?
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    If makeup is indicative of a woman's beauty, so can a manicure. Having pretty hands emphasizes your attention to detail and the care you take for yourself. Displaying well-groomed nails is a sign of sophistication and elegance that does not go unnoticed in a woman. In addition, a successful manicure will not only bring more aesthetics, but will also be beneficial for the health of your nails. We explain to you how to achieve nail care like a pro.

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  • Wearing golden makeup
    Wearing golden makeup
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    Very trendy now, gold brings a sophisticated touch to makeup. It is the color par excellence for parties, sparkling evenings and events that impose glamor. It is the essential ally of those who wish to shine with beauty with a royal make-up. The good news is, it's compatible with all women. Whatever the color of your hair, your skin or your eyes, here are our tips for wearing it without making any mistakes.

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  • Makeup trends for the holiday season
    Makeup trends for the holiday season
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    We know that the end of the year celebrations will be limited in compliance with health standards. But that's no reason to miss out on the magic of Christmas and New Year. This year the trend is for chic, glamor and elegant natural makeup. Here is our make-up book to be on top for the end of year celebrations.

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  • How to use a concealer ?
    How to use a concealer ?
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    Even if there are many tips today to hide dark circles, they are very stubborn in some women. Fortunately, a little makeup and a good concealer are enough to reduce them. However, the key is not to use it, but to know how to apply it well. Some women still make rookie mistakes with concealer. Like the foundation, the concealer has application techniques that must be mastered to hide small defects with ease.

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  • How to choose your foundation ?
    How to choose your foundation ?
    1266 Views Liked

    Choosing a good foundation is essential to have a perfect complexion and successful makeup. Multiple actions, infinite shades, varied textures, luminous or covering effect, there is a wide choice of foundations. As a result, it is not always easy to find the one that suits your skin tone or your desires perfectly. Thanks to Je Sens le Bonheur, discover how to go about choosing a good foundation that will illuminate, unify and correct your complexion.

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  • How to properly make up your eyebrows ?
    How to properly make up your eyebrows ?
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    Softness or elegance, well-made up eyebrows add charm to the face. Having become a very important area in terms of makeup, it suffices to accentuate them to give character to the face and to the eyes. Specific mascaras, treatments, pencils or even eyeshadows, nothing is too much trouble for eyebrow makeup. Discover here three ways to make up your eyebrows to be on top.

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  • How to make up your eyes ?
    How to make up your eyes ?
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    Blue, green, gray, black or even brown, the eyes are a major asset of charm and seduction in women. One look says a lot about the personality. This is why it is necessary to highlight them, whatever their color or shape. Find out here how to make up your eyes and make them shine.

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  • How to make up your lips ?
    How to make up your lips ?
    1777 Views Liked

    Making up your lips is quite an art. Mouth makeup doesn't just happen. Depending on the desired result, you can choose between a gloss, a nude lipstick, a glossy or matte red lipstick, etc. Whether your lips are thin, large, or plump, they can be enhanced with the right makeup and cosmetics. Find out how to apply makeup to your lips to brighten your face.

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  • How to make a success of your makeup ?
    How to make a success of your makeup ?
    2253 Views Liked

    Make-up remains fundamental in today's society to feel beautiful and express your personality. Whether it is to go to the office, to a party or for an outing with friends, makeup sublimates the face for all occasions. However, there are many who struggle to achieve beautiful makeup. Fortunately, it is not difficult to learn the right things to do to put on good makeup. Discover our beauty tips here and how to easily achieve makeup.

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  • How to make up your eyebrows ?
    How to make up your eyebrows ?
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    With the techniques and the different eyebrow products that currently exist, it is quite difficult to find your way around. However, with the right products and the right technique, you get a perfect result quite easily. Today I will help you apply makeup to your eyebrows for a natural, feminine and trendy look!

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