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Posted in : "2021 - February"

  • Eye Shadow Trends in 2021
    Eye Shadow Trends in 2021
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    Eye shadows are an unbeatable part of our makeup kits. We like to have several in order to match our outfits, our moods, but also to associate them with each other. However, depending on the season, we will not apply the same shades to our eyes. Directly inspired by red carpets, eyeshadow trends in 2021 will surprise us by breaking the codes established until then. Follow the guide to find out everything!

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  • How do I use makeup to enlarge my eyes ?
    How do I use makeup to enlarge my eyes ?
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    The eye makeup is very important, as it is the latter that gives the glamour touch to the whole. But it can be quite problematic when you have small eyes. However, stars around the world know how to enlarge their gaze by using effective makeup techniques. If you also want to know how to use make-up to enlarge your eyes, here are 6 tips to apply urgently!

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  • How to revive dull winter skin ?
    How to revive dull winter skin ?
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    Winter and cold conditions put our skin to the test. It tugs, scratches and can sometimes present redness and scales. If one coats the body with oil and moisturizing cream while waiting for the redoux, it is less obvious with regard to the skin of our face. Indeed, it is on the front line facing the wind, cold and grayness and must be especially pampered. If you think your complexion looks grey, we’ll give you 9 tips on how to revive dull winter skin.

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  • How to choose the colour of your mascara ?
    How to choose the colour of your mascara ?
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    Mascara, as we know it today, has been around for over a century. However, enhancing and colouring her lashes is an act that women have been doing since the dawn of time. Worked lashes give a lot of structure and personality to the look. Mascara was then established as the essential makeup product of women all over the world. 

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  • How do I apply concealer to erase signs of aging ?
    How do I apply concealer to erase signs of aging ?
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    Dark Circles Concealer is a product used by many people because it helps to perfect the skin by removing small imperfections it may reveal. To be applied at the beginning of the beauty routine, between the day cream and the foundation or the BB cream, an anti-dark circles stick can help you erase your dark circles, as the name suggests, but also to camouflage an unsightly pimple or redness. 

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