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Posted in : "2021 - April"

  • What are the nail polish trends ?
    What are the nail polish trends ?
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    Well-varnished nails show a neat look and can match any outfit. Summer and winter, a pretty manicure is essential to perfect your style. The colors and textures are multiple in order to play with the effects. In view of the small price of a bottle of varnish, one can easily crack and buy any kind. However, it is common not to know what the nail polish trends are, either in terms of texture or hue.

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  • How do I make up black skin ?
    How do I make up black skin ?
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    Black skin tends to shine, lack radiance, or have small color differences depending on the area of the face. It is therefore essential to find the care that will succeed in correcting while enhancing an ebony color skin. But, if the choice of products to cleanse and moisturize is vast, the step of makeup can often prove delicate.

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  • How do I make up tanned skin ?
    How do I make up tanned skin ?
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    The long-awaited season will soon be here and with it the return of our beautiful tanned skin. The sun alone can give us the good-looking effect that we regret the other months of the year. But, no question of making a cross on makeup, just find the appropriate make-up products. Indeed, you will not use the same cosmetics in summer as during the gloomy months.

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  • How do I apply makeup ?
    How do I apply makeup ?
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    Makeup is supposed to sublimate our face and reveal our natural beauty. However, to achieve the desired effect, a number of rules must be followed. But, while most women know a minimum of beauty products, not all have the technique to apply their makeup the right way.

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  • 3 Tips for a successful and trendy manicure
    3 Tips for a successful and trendy manicure
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    In recent months, it has become crucial to know how to do your manicure at home. If nail art tutorials come online, we want to know how to take care of our nails and make our manicure or pedicure last. However, the varnish tends to flake too quickly and give a neglected appearance to our beautiful nails, to our great despair.

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