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  • Nail Polish : What are the Spring-Summer 2021 Trends ?
    Nail Polish : What are the Spring-Summer 2021 Trends ?
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    The nail polish is a timeless makeup product, worn by women for many years. If we like to be beautiful to the fingertips, our tastes, in terms of style and colors, evolve over time, fashions and seasons. The major cosmetic brands have understood this, given the impressive range of nail polish available on the market. From the wisest shade to the most tangy, anything is possible with regard to manicure. 

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  • What shape of nail is right for me ?
    What shape of nail is right for me ?
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    Beautiful, well-groomed nails perfectly adorn a woman’s hands. Nail polish and other types of permanent manicures play a large role, but the shape of the nails is also important. Nowadays, these shapes are very varied from the most basic to the most eccentric to stick to all styles.

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  • The Highlighter in all its states !
    The Highlighter in all its states !
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    Appearing on the faces of stars a few years ago, the highlighter is now a must-have in our makeup kits. Contrary to the trend that previously wanted the face to be perfectly mattified, it is now customary to bring shine on certain strategic areas. However, be careful! This brilliance must be perfectly controlled for a good-looking effect. Of course, this fairly recent product requires that you know it perfectly before you start using it.

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  • Summer : Freshness in Makeup !
    Summer : Freshness in Makeup !
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    As the new summer season approaches, many of us are looking at the red carpets in hopes of getting an idea of the new clothing and makeup trends. The advantage with the arrival of beautiful days is the possibility of adopting a lighter makeup that will simply highlight our pretty tanned skin. It is then said goodbye to covering complexion products and dark shades worn during the fall and winter.

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  • Focus on lip inks !
    Focus on lip inks !
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    The range of lipsticks continues to grow over time and with the needs of users. If we already know the glossy or matte lipstick, the gloss or the lip lacquer, a new product has been on the market for a few years: lip ink. Today prized by many women around the world, it offers significant benefits in terms of application or outfit. 

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