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How to choose the colour of your mascara ?


How to choose the colour of your mascara ?

Mascara, as we know it today, has been around for over a century. However, enhancing and colouring her lashes is an act that women have been doing since the dawn of time. Worked lashes give a lot of structure and personality to the look. Mascara was then established as the essential makeup product of women all over the world. Although it was originally only available in black, new colours have emerged over time. Faced with the plethora of products currently available on the cosmetics market, it is not always easy to make a choice. In this article, we’ll help you understand how to choose the right color for your mascara.

What are the different mascara colors available?

The eye makeup, and especially eyelash makeup, is very important for many women. Even the less addicted to makeup among us, use at least mascara to sublimate their eyes. If black remains an indelible product, this product is available today, such as eyeshadow or kohl, in many colors.

Mascara color brown eyes

The most common are green, blue, brown or plum. But, it will be quite possible to find mascaras in more extravagant colors such as pink, orange or glitter versions. Green and blue come in various shades ranging from fir green to soft green and navy blue to turquoise blue.

Given this wide choice, you may want to get out of the box a bit and let yourself be tempted by a color other than black. Know that seasonality and time of day will be important when wearing a mascara color. In fact, you can dare to use brighter shades in the summer or test the glittery mascaras in the evening.

However, the number one rule to follow is to choose and tune the shade of your mascara with that of your eyes, your skin tone or the color of your hair. To avoid the misstep, we will give you some tips to make up your eyes.

Choose the color of your mascara based on your eyes

Mascara color blue eyes

The most important thing to do is to choose your mascara according to the color of your eyes. As with choosing your pencil, eyeliner or eye shadow, your mascara should emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes. For this, the chosen shade must give relief to your gaze. Here are some practical tips based on your eye colour.

For blue eyes

The blue eyes, beautiful in nature, will be perfectly highlighted with a purple or brown mascara. Discreet, these shades can be worn all day. In the evening, you can further structure your gaze by choosing black makeup composed of a deep smoky or a line of black liner applied to the lashes, all enhanced by a black volumizing mascara and a beautiful lipstick. On the other hand, the blue tone on tone is to be avoided.

For green eyes

Green eyes are the rarest. In this sense, you must choose perfectly the color of the mascara that will illuminate your eyes. Plum and burgundy, combined with a copper eyeshadow, will be used to intensify the color of your plums. If you want to give your eye makeup a little more pep, opt for an electric violet. Of course, black will also be perfectly suited to green eyes. Golden Holiday Mascaras will also be recommended.

For brown eyes

Brown or hazelnut eyes will be particularly highlighted by a dark mascara that will amplify the mysterious side of the look. Black or brown, it’s up to you. A thin line of bluish eyeliner placed at the edge of the eyelid will give pep to makeup. Know that you can also fall for a blue mascara provided you opt for brown, golden or nude eyeshadows.

Match the color of your mascara to your complexion and hair

The last rule for choosing the color of your mascara is to match it to your skin tone and hair color.

Eyelash make-up with a mixed complexion

This way, light complexions may not be willing to receive too much eye makeup. The same goes for those of us with blond or red hair, because a black mascara will make them look too strict and tend to age them. A brown, green or blue mascara depending on the color of their eyes, will particularly highlight their face. The rest of the makeup should also be discreet on women with porcelain complexion. It will be necessary to favour soft, iridescent or pastel shades that will illuminate the complexion.

On the other hand, women with medium to dark skin tone, regardless of hair colour, can opt for a black or dark brown mascara that will give their eyes intensity. Depending on the colour of the eyes, it will also be possible to opt for green or plum. Blue will however be to be avoided, as it would give a look too electric and unnatural.

People with ebony complexions and black hair will be able to afford more eccentricity by choosing colored mascaras to match with their eye shadow. It is advisable to illuminate the inner corner of the eye with iridescent powder for more depth.

Here’s how to choose the color of your mascara based on the different physical characteristics of each person. Of course, age and personal tastes will have to be taken into account when choosing each makeup product. Keep in mind that your makeup should emphasize your natural beauty and should therefore always be applied sparingly.