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Why switch to solid shampoo ?


Why switch to solid shampoo ?

Did you know that your daily shampoo can have a negative impact on your hair? Shampoo, in liquid form, incorporates foaming agents and other chemicals that can eventually sensitize your hair. Traditional shampoos are good at removing oil and dirt from the scalp, but they often contain harsh ingredients that can rob hair of its natural beauty. The latest research also shows that many women recognize that their hair is drier after using a classic shampoo. In addition, from an ecological point of view, the packaging does not act in a beneficial way on the environment, marking a little more our harmful footprint. So many reasons to switch to solid shampoo. Yet many of us are still hesitant. Here are a few things to think about to help you get through this.

Solid shampoos are gentler on the hair

First of all, solid shampoos are gentler on the hair. Liquid shampoos contain harsh ingredients like sulfates, detergents, dyes, synthetic fragrances, and preservatives that are supposed to cleanse the scalp and remove excess oil. Unfortunately, these now controversial ingredients also strip the hair of its natural oils, making it dry and brittle. . Solid shampoos are designed to gently cleanse the scalp while preserving its natural characteristics and needs.

By switching to solid shampoo, you will notice that your hair is more silky, disciplined and less subject to the risk of breakage. They will also look healthier and shinier. Solid shampoos are also easier for children to use. Liquid shampoos can indeed be difficult to control, especially for young children. Solid shampoos look like soaps, and can be handled more easily. Both children and adults, accustomed to handling soap, can simply massage their scalp.

Solid shampoos do not contain sulfates

As mentioned above, sulfates are one of the main ingredients in liquid shampoos. If sulfates are excellent for eliminating sebum, they are extremely aggressive for hair and scalp. Sulfates have been linked to a number of negative side effects, including dry, brittle hair, in some lab tests.

Liquid shampoos also contain other harmful chemicals that can rob hair of its natural oil, which is essential for it to balance, including parabens and propylene glycol. The bar shampoos, on the other hand, do not contain sulfates. Indeed, they come in the form of a cleansing bar, and are often formulated with 100% natural and organic ingredients. The main ingredients of solid shampoos are cleansing agents, conditioners, moisturizers and fragrances derived from nature.

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Solid shampoos have a balanced pH

The pH of a product refers to its level of alkalinity. The pH of shampoo and conditioner is crucial as it affects the overall health of the hair. The ideal pH levels for shampoo and conditioner are 3-6 and 4-7 respectively. Liquid shampoos are very alkaline, with a pH between 8 and 10.

This is because liquid shampoos contain ingredients like ammonium lauryl sulfate, a strong alkaline agent. By switching to a solid shampoo, you can be sure that its pH is balanced. Therefore, solid shampoos have a pH between 4 and 6, which makes them gentler on the hair and scalp.

Solid shampoos contain healthy ingredients

Environmental awareness has been major for several years. In addition, we tend to want to go back to nature in order to preserve our health capital as much as possible. The solid shampoos are formulated with healthy ingredients, derived from the plant world, which nourish the hair and the scalp. Solid shampoos usually contain vitamins, minerals and vegetable oils, which are excellent for nourishing the hair.

There are organic solid shampoos that include plant ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond oil or coconut milk for example, or ingredients of animal origin such as beeswax, milk or honey. But, the product is also available in a vegan version, only composed of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, argan oil or rose essence for a delicate fragrance. It's up to you to find the solid shampoo that suits your needs and your level of personal commitment.

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Solid shampoos help prevent discoloration of your hair

If you have colored hair, this is an undeniable advantage of solid shampoo: in addition to treating dry hair, it can help prevent discoloration. When you wash your hair with liquid shampoos, the cleaning agents they contain attack and bleach it, which is one of the main reasons why your hair becomes discolored.

By switching to a solid shampoo, you can slow down the discoloration of your hair. Solid shampoos are designed to be gentler on the hair and prevent you from having to visit the hairdresser too often. Your hair will be shinier, healthier and fuller, and its color vibrant for longer.

The solid shampoo is ecological and economical

Last advantage of solid shampoo: it is eco-friendly and economical! As we have seen, these products are mainly composed of natural ingredients which will therefore not be responsible for the water pollution caused by chemicals. In addition, they are not packaged in plastic packaging like liquid shampoos. Two good reasons in one since lighter packaging also means a lower price!

So, why switch to shampoo bars ? Well, for all the reasons we have stated above: shampoo bars are easier to use, gentler on the hair and formulated with healthy ingredients. They are available in a wide variety of scents and are much more economical and environmentally friendly than liquid shampoos. By switching to a solid shampoo, you can take better care of your hair and prevent it from fading too quickly. With so many benefits, it's clear that solid shampoos are the future of shampoo!

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