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The trendy lipstick for this fall-winter 2022


The trendy lipstick for this fall-winter 2022

Why make the suspense last longer? The trendy lipstick for this fall-winter 2022 is a red with an ultra-shiny finish and a vinyl-effect texture. Of course, you have to know how to apply it and match it with eye makeup to plump and enlarge the mouth without overdoing it. If matte lipsticks were our favorites for fall-winter 2021, we are changing course and daring to use glossy and gourmet lips this year. In this article, we are going to discover this trend together to understand how to best appropriate it.

New season, new make-up trend!

We prefer ultra-light makeup in summer, with a barely tinted cream or a veil of loose powder, a little cream blush, and a touch of gloss. That's all we need to sublimate skin already golden by the sun! We like the light and luminous textures (loaded with light-reflecting pigments) which highlight a beautifully sunny, fresh and rested face.

The shine of vinyl-effect cosmetics

These make-up trends are always relevant in autumn, because many women prefer transparent make-up with luminous reflections, nicely sculpted by a bronzer and a little pink or coral blush on the cheekbones. We like natural colors as much as more marked on the eyes. Moreover, we did not fail to note the return of pink or blue eye shadow in the spirit of the 1990s-2000s.

But each season brings new styles to spice up our looks and add a little sophistication to our beauty looks. Autumn is also a pivotal period, as it marks the return to warmer and wiser tones. This year, the vinyl effect is making a comeback on our lips to the delight of fashionistas around the world. These are lacquered lipsticks with a creamy texture that are applied using a foam tip like a gloss or with a brush.

The texture is a little thicker than a lip gloss or lip tint and the color is more opaque for maximum coverage. This type of lip make-up brings glamour, creates a mirror effect and pretty emphasizes the mouth . The long-lasting formulas offer an impeccable result even after several hours of wear. Nude, pink, burgundy and red shades are very popular this season and come in many variations to suit all skin tones, all styles and all desires.

Long-lasting make-up with healthy glow effect

How to successfully apply your vinyl lipstick?

There is no secret: for a nice make-up, you have to succeedly put on your vinyl-effect lipstick. And that takes a bit of dexterity and skill. Before applying the cosmetic product, your lips must be properly prepared. Exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin and smooth fine lines. To do this, you can either use an exfoliating treatment specially created for this part of the face, or prepare your own mixture based on a little sugar and honey.

Remember to hydrate your lips regularly before applying lipstick so that they are perfectly soft and supple. For this, you can use a regenerating night balm and always have a nourishing lip stick at hand. In this season, the thin skin of the lips is put to the test and the beauty of your makeup can be impacted. Once your lips are flawless, it's time to move on to makeup. You can either trace your lips with a pencil of the same shade as the lipstick you intend to put on, or apply the lipstick directly, which you will distribute on the contours of the lips, being careful not to overflow.< /p>

Then finish by coating the entire mouth, just filling. It's not difficult, but you still have to progress carefully and try again if necessary. The vinyl-effect lipstick must be applied with precision and does not tolerate smudges and misses. In addition, bright colors particularly attract the eye and can quickly give a neglected effect if the pose is not perfect. That's why we recommend that you do several tests before choosing the ideal lipstick.

What eye makeup to coordinate?

Of course, with fairly pronounced lip makeup, the rest of the beauty treatment should remain fairly soft. But that doesn't mean you can't indulge yourself with the products of your choice. For example, the eyelids can be enhanced with a nice line of liner for a Marilyn Monroe look, very fashionable at the moment. Two coats of black mascara will stretch your lashes and open up your eyes.

Perfect make-up

You can also apply a small iridescent eye shadow in a bronze color or balance the shiny side of the lips with a matte eye shadow. For the face, a matte foundation should be preferred and highlighter should be avoided so as not to overload the face with shine. On the other hand, you can enhance your cheekbones with a touch of blush coordinated with the shade of the vinyl effect lipstick for a radiant complexion even in gloomy weather. Finish the look with a veil of loose setting powder applied with a large brush.

Now that you know everything about the trendy lipstick for this fall-winter 2022, all you have to do is choose the product you like in the shade that appeals to you. Know that rosewood, carmine or wine tones as well as the unbeatable red are the trends for fall 2022. But you can very well think outside the box by testing as many shades as you want. As long as the final make-up is harmonious, you have carte blanche!