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The great return of lip liner !


The great return of lip liner !

When we think of lip liner, we often think of images of the 90s and its awkwardly drawn, over-emphasized pouts. But today we see that this product is making a strong comeback in the world of makeup. This craze for lip liner is due to its multifunctional use, but not only! Lip liner can be used not only to outline the lips, but also as an alternative to lipstick or even to add a little color to the cheeks. This is, among other things, what justifies the big comeback of lip liner in our beauty routines. We are now going to explore together why this make-up has become so popular again in recent months.

Why is lip liner making a comeback?

The lip pencil is making a comeback, because it is above all a very useful product. The lip liner is used to contour the lips, this is its primary use which allows you to prepare the application of the lipstick and ensure a longer hold. The lip pencil also allows you to correct the shape of your lips if they are too thin or too large. It defines the contours of each lip and fixes the lipstick. But, it can also be used as a lipstick on its own or even as a blush.

Make up, enhance and moisturize before lipstick

Another reason for the comeback of the lip liner is the number of modern and trendy colors in which it is available today. There's something for everyone: lip pencils are available everywhere in supermarkets, parapharmacies and stores specializing in make-up. All cosmetic brands offer them so you can find exactly the shade and size you need.

But there is another reason why lip liner has become so popular again in 2022: it is a very cheap product. You can easily find a good lip liner for less than 10 euros, and after the crisis we have been experiencing lately, a functional, practical and inexpensive product is a winner. Also, after months of wearing the mask, we kind of forgot to show off our mouths. That time is now over, and we are competing in ingenuity to bring attention to our lips again.

Lip liner was very popular in the past, especially in the 1990s to 2000s, and then fell behind in favor of less sophisticated makeup. He also got bad press because of the permanent lip contour makeup that aged badly and sometimes looked very unnatural. In short, all of that is in the past! Make way for new effective products, highly pigmented and with pleasant textures to use.

Lip pencil balm to apply with a brush

Why use a lip liner?

Lip liner is a great way to define or redefine the shape and size of your lips. If you want your lips to look fuller, you can apply lip liner under your regular lipstick or gloss. Lip liner is also a great way to test out what colors might work for you, without having to commit to it.

For example, if you're not sure what lipstick color you should try, you can draw the shade on your lips using the lip liner and see if the latter makes you stand out. Above all, the lip pencil allows you to draw perfect lips. By drawing clear and precise contours, your lip makeup will be very elaborate. In addition, the pencil prevents the lipstick from running between the wrinkles and fine lines of the lips. An excellent solution for radiant makeup that will stay in place from morning to night.

How to use lip liner?

The lip liner can be used in different ways. If you want to draw the shape of your lips, it's up to you whether you want to visually make them fuller or, on the contrary, shrink them. In the first case, the line should be drawn right on the hem of the lips. Otherwise, you can cheat by drawing it a little below, towards the center of the lips.

If you want to use the lip liner as a blush, apply a little product to the cheekbones of your cheeks, then blend with your finger or sponge. To use the lip liner as a lipstick, trace the shape of your lips, then simply fill in with color.

What is the best lip liner for natural lips?

The best lip liner for natural lips will be a nude, beige or slightly pink colored lip liner. For example, the Maybelline New York brand offers this type of lip liner in eight colors, so you can find the perfect shade for your lips. This pencil is made with vitamin E and aloe vera, so it is very gentle on your lips. Water resistant and creamy in texture, it glides easily on the lips and stays put all day.

Define your lips with pencil before using your lipsticks

The best lip liners for bold lips

If you like more daring and colorful looks, you can opt for a lip liner available in more different shades, so you can find the perfect color for your lips (red, pink , purple, orange, etc.). Highly pigmented lip pencils are perfect for evening makeup.

You now know the reasons for the big comeback of lip liner on store shelves, and therefore in our beauty kits. This product has evolved over more than 20 years and therefore deserves to regain its place as a favorite among women of all profiles!