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How to recognize an expired perfume ?


How to recognize an expired perfume ?

You may not have known it, because popular belief does not go in this direction, and yet! Yes, a perfume has a limited lifespan like all other beauty and cosmetic products. There is a wide choice of perfumes on the market: floral, fruity, woody or spicy fragrances, everyone will find what they are looking for. If some of us swear by one perfume, others have fun changing it according to their moods, desires, and seasonality. And when you like to accumulate bottles, the risk that the perfumed liquid will deteriorate and expire is even greater. To avoid this, it is important to know how to recognize an expired perfume. Here are some leads to explore in this article.

Keep your perfumes: for how long?

Using an expired perfume will not put you in danger, however it can lose many qualities. This is why experts recommend keeping your perfumes for a maximum of 3 years before parting with them. Of course, this time may vary depending on the brands and compositions of each perfume. You have to be flexible and know how to recognize when a perfume has turned.

Perfume, eau de toilette scented essences

Depending on the scents that compose it, the expiry date may be shorter or longer. You should know that light and natural scents, such as citrus for example, tend to disappear more quickly than perfumes with marked notes (woody, musky and amber for example) which have the ability to be kept longer. As with many cosmetic or consumer products, a best-before date is often written on the bottom of the bottle. The most important thing is to respect it.

Has my perfume expired?

Several signs make it possible to detect a perfume whose expiry date has passed. First of all, you have to trust the smell it gives off. When you are used to using a particular fragrance, it is quite obvious to recognize when it changes. On the other hand, for perfumes used more occasionally it can be more complex to identify. So be aware that a perfume that is too old can oxidize and develop acidic, sour notes or even quite unpleasant plastic odors. If when you uncork a bottle, a smell bothers you, look no further and throw away your perfume.

Otherwise, the color of the liquid also gives valuable indications of the age of the perfume. If the latter is no longer young, it will tend to become yellowish, then it will be time to get rid of it. Another sign of stale perfume is a change in the consistency of the liquid inside the bottle. The perfume liquid can change from a transparent color to a milky white. It may also become more viscous and form a clump at the bottom of the vial. In extreme cases, the scent may separate, forming two distinct layers. Perfume that has thickened or turned milky should be discarded. It will be less pleasant to use and will not last as long as a youthful perfume.

Keep intact the olfactory bouquet of a perfume

How to prevent your favorite perfume from turning?

Even if the expiry date of the perfume must be taken into account and respected, there are rules to store your favorite bottles in an optimal way and thus extend their lifespan. A perfume should not be kept for special occasions, but on the contrary used whenever you feel like it. This is the best way not to waste it. Indeed, if you only use it occasionally, there will come a time when it will spin and you will lose it. The risk of oxidation is higher on an open perfume that stagnates.

So don't restrict yourself, and enjoy your favorite fragrance whenever you want. Once your bottle is opened, it is better to use it quickly. And even if it is very pleasant to have several bottles in your drawer in order to alternate according to your desires, it is better to limit yourself to opening two perfumes simultaneously. You will not be able to wear them all and this will prevent some from being stored in the back of your cupboards and being wasted over time. Finally, a perfume bottle must be stored away from heat and light. So be careful with the drawers in the bathroom, which is a humid room and subject to temperature fluctuations. The ideal is to keep your bottles in a dressing table or a closet in your bedroom or dressing room.

How to make your perfume last longer?

There are a few steps you can take to make your perfume last longer. First, you should shake the bottle thoroughly before each use. Shaking the perfume will mix the ingredients, which will help slow the evaporation of the alcohol. If the perfume comes in the form of a vaporizer, you can also try to "re-atomize" the scent by gently tapping the bottle with the palm of your hand. When applying perfume, try to keep too much of the product from getting into the air. Spray the perfume close to your skin to reap all the benefits, and close it immediately so that it remains as little time as possible in contact with the ambient air which could eventually cause it to oxidize more quickly.

Perfumers, keeping the freshness of eau de parfum and aromatic sprays

We have always loved perfume and it is one of the essentials of beauty. Moreover, sales are not weakening and the perfumery sector is very buoyant. If you want to get the full benefits of your favorite products and follow these tips, your perfume will last longer and you'll be less likely to mistakenly apply expired perfume. An altered or outdated product will not be comfortable to wear, so it is important to know how to recognize an expired perfume and replace it before it is too late.

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