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Hair: how to avoid the inconvenience of the rain ?


Hair: how to avoid the inconvenience of the rain ?

Rain can be a fiasco for people with long, curly hair, and especially if you haven't found the right products to protect your hair from frizz. Additionally, exposure to water can lead to breakage, split ends, and other issues that can take a lot of time and effort to repair. If you have fragile, curly hair or if you are trying to keep it long, we invite you to read this article entitled "hair: how to avoid the inconvenience of the rain?". You will discover what you can put in place to avoid the negative side effects of rain on your hair and keep your hair impeccable in all circumstances. With proper prep and a few tricks, it's possible to keep your hairstyle intact even after an unexpected downpour. Here are some useful tips to protect your hair from the rain.

The different hairstyles adapted to the rain

There are several things you can do to protect your hair on rainy days. The first action to take is to adapt your hairstyle to protect your hair from showers. It is therefore essential to know several ways to style your hair to combine beauty and protection. You can lift your hair in different ways: either by making a bun or a tight ponytail, or by choosing another type of hairstyle that will remain intact even in high humidity.

Perfect hair even when it rains

Braids, twists, buns and half-ups are great options to keep your hair smooth and untouched during the rainy months. There are also protective hairstyles that you can try (many tutorials are available on the internet) if you need something more elaborate for a special occasion for example. Finally, hair accessories such as headbands and headbands are also perfect for protecting your hair from drops and therefore frizz while giving you a trendy bohemian look.

Use a moisture-wicking skincare product

Humidity-wicking hair care products are designed to fix the hairstyle and prevent the hair from frizzing out of control when the weather is humid or rainy. They work best when used and applied to wet hair. They are particularly useful when you want to perfect a hairstyle that requires a lot of fixation, and also help to condition and keep your hair hydrated.

Be careful to use the right amount of product: more is not necessarily better. The right dose of product is determined according to the length and nature of your hair. If you use too many moisture-blocking products, your hair may become sticky and weighed down. On the contrary, if your hair is thick, it will be necessary to put enough product for an effective action. A moisture wicking product will help you keep your hair neat even if it's raining or you're in a humid environment. You can also try using a strong hold hairspray mixed with a hair moisturizer for extra protection.

Keeping beautiful hair in the rain

Find the right leave-in conditioner and styling products

If your hair is curly, frizzy or frizzy, or just has a tendency to swell in the rain and curl uncontrollably, you should look for a conditioner, preferably leave-in, containing a combination of moisturizing ingredients such as natural vegetable oils. If your hair is particularly thick and/or curly, try to find a leave-in conditioner with protein-enriched ingredients to strengthen it.

You can also try different products with silicone-based ingredients that can help fight frizz and keep your hair shiny and smooth even when it rains. Be sure to use styling products with a light to moderate hold. If the hold is too strong, your hair will become hard and you won't be able to style it after the treatment, even when dry. They will also have a very unattractive cardboard appearance.

Protect your tips with organic oils and butters

Why not apply a little natural oil, such as coconut oil, to discipline your lengths and nourish your ends before going out in gloomy weather? A moisturizing and anti-frizz butter applied to the ends of your hair can also give it hold and boost its hydration. This will prevent your hair from frizzing out of control and keep it nourished.

Protect your hair from the rain

You can also try putting a carrier oil or light moisturizer on your hair after drying it to help tame flyaways and frizz. On the other hand, avoid products containing alcohol and other types of chemical ingredients: they can indeed be very harmful to your hair. To avoid getting stuck in the rain without styling products, we advise you to slip on a styling product spray based on vegetable oils or butters such as olive oil, shea or cocoa butter, coconut oil or castor oil in your purse.

Avoid shampooing on rainy days

To prevent your hair from swelling and frizzing, it is best not to shampoo it on rainy days. The sebum naturally produced by your scalp makes it possible to weigh down your hair mass and thus discipline your locks. If shampoo really can't wait, then we recommend using dry shampoo and postponing washing your hair until the next day.

We hope that this article entitled "Hair: How to avoid the inconvenience of the rain?" has given you some details on how to care for and style your hair in rainy weather. Finally, do not forget to equip yourself with an umbrella and possibly a rain cape so that your hair never gets wet.

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