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Discover the make-up trend for cold snap effect blush


Discover the make-up trend for cold snap effect blush

Beauty junkies have come up with a makeup method to help you look glamorous, whatever the weather. This is excellent news, because if it is quite easy in summer thanks to the pretty golden colors that our skin is adorned with, winter is the most dreaded season. Pale and pale complexion due to the lack of sun. Skin damaged by the harsher climate, in short, a whole program! The makeup trend of the chill effect blush is for people who want the characteristic dapper look that you can wear after a winter walk. This trend, which reproduces the appearance of a cold snap on the skin (rosy cheeks) using blush, is now very popular on social networks, and in particular on TikTok . Find out in this article.

What is the cold snap effect blush technique?

The cold snap or "snow blush" effect blush make-up technique is by definition opposed to that of the "sunburst blush" and yet it is the same principle. If the " sunburst blush " is to give our cheeks a slight sunburn effect, the "cold snap" effect make-up is also intended to make them rosy, as if you had just taken the air in your heart of winter. Blush is one of the hottest beauty trends right now. The craze for different shades of blush is proof of this. Currently, it is very brave for an expert beautysta to give up blush.

Blush chill effect

It is essential to always have some in your cosmetic bag, ready to produce an effect almost as real as life, to be done, whatever the season, a radiant complexion. The weather is still rather mild for the arrival of winter. Nevertheless, beauty influencers are already starting to prepare to face the cold and reap the benefits! Winter blush has become the new trend. The " snow blush " has replaced the " sunburn blush " at short notice and it has become the most popular and trendy option of the moment. Powdering the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose has never been so trendy as it is now, because the beautystas have decided: no way to enter winter without a perfect and seasonal blush makeup !

How to wear this make-up trend?

To wear the blush well and create a beautiful "cold snap" effect, you must start by concealing the natural redness of the skin and unifying the complexion with a foundation, a cream tinted moisturizer or concealer with a matte finish. Then, simply highlight under the eyes with a brightening concealer and set all makeup by applying a veil of matte powder to the face.

Then, add warmth to the complexion with two different blushes, one pink and one orange, to give you a healthy glow without using a bronzer. Apply it on the cheekbones, gently approaching the eyes, on the cupid's bow, the bridge of the nose and the eyelids, then finish with a thin layer of matte powder deposited in a veil. Finally, coat your lips with a matte lipstick in a dark orange shade to complete this warm and natural look.

A radiant face in the cold

How to choose the right blush and apply it perfectly?

Forget the beach and head for the snowy mountain slopes! And for that, it is essential to have a fresh and radiant complexion. To get that cold snap look and give the illusion of returning from a day of skiing or a snowshoe hike with fresh, invigorating air on your cheeks, nothing could be simpler. The first step is to choose your blush carefully. If cream and gel blushes offer better penetration and therefore a more natural effect, it is to the color that you should pay the most attention.

Choose a pink or plum blush if you have fair skin, more peach or dark red for darker skin. To create this style, red is ideal, but it should not be abused. As with the sunburn trend, highlight the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose to create that chilled look. A brush stroke across the tip of the nose or forehead will produce the greatest realism. After a few circular and well-controlled brush strokes, there will no longer be any difference between your made-up cheeks and those of a bunch of skiers who have just arrived at the chalet after a long day in the cold!

Choose your blush based on your skin type. Powder blushes are ideal for oily skin, while cream blushes are best for dry skin, which they will keep hydrated. If you want to apply your blush with precision, choose a liquid blush. To properly blend your blush, you must use a sponge or a brush.

The right material to apply your blush

Powder blushes are applied with a large brush, while cream blushes are applied with a medium brush. Finally, liquid blushes can be applied using a sponge. Always apply foundation and primer before applying your blush. This beauty ritual helps reduce rosacea marks and prolongs the life of your makeup. Finally, always finish your make-up by applying a veil of transparent loose powder.

Now that you have discovered the make-up trend of the " chill effect blush, all you have to do is try it soon. If you need to visualize the technique before you start, do not hesitate to watch the many videos that beauty influences are currently making on the subject. You will see that this look is quite simple to achieve and will make your face look radiant.

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