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Braids : the allies of our holidays !

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Braids : the allies of our holidays !

Holidays are often synonymous with relaxation, escape and discovery. To take full advantage of these precious moments, it is essential to choose suitable and trendy hairstyles. Among them, braids stand out for their practicality and diversity. Let's see together why braids are the ideal allies for our holidays and how to adopt them according to our desires and our hair type.

The advantages of braids on vacation

In addition to their visual appearance, braids embody a deep connection with cultural heritage and creativity. They have been shaped over the centuries by various traditions and influences, reflecting the richness and diversity of the world. By choosing to braid your hair during your holidays, you are doing more than simply adopting a hairstyle. You embrace a thousand-year-old history and art, bringing an extra dimension to your travel memories.

A carefree holiday thanks to braids!

The undeniable advantages of braids during the holidays are numerous.

First of all,the ease of maintenance they offer is a major advantage. Braids require little daily attention, so you can spend less time in the bathroom and enjoy vacation activities more. In addition, they act as a protective barrier for the hair and scalp, preserving them from external elements such as the sun's rays, the refreshing wind or the salty water of the sea.

In terms ofcomfort, braids outdo many other hairstyles, especially those that can get awkward in the summer heat, like tight buns. The braids provide a very appreciable feeling of lightness during the holidays, thus promoting a more pleasant and relaxed experience.

The diversity of braid styles is another major asset. From vanilla braids to classic mats, from African braids to creative hair extensions, there are a multitude of options to adapt your hairstyle according to your mood, your outfits and the occasions. This versatility allows you to vary the pleasures and express your personality throughout the holidays.

Finally, the braids allow you to go out with your face exposed, which allows you to tan more evenly.

Some ideas for hairstyles with braids for the holidays

Let's discover some examples of hairstyles with braids that are both trendy and practical for the holidays, whatever the destination.

Mats for all profiles

Braids slicked to the side

The braids slicked to the side are ideal for those who want a chic and relaxed hairstyle. They give a very modern asymmetrical effect and can be done with classic mats or vanilla ones for an even more original look.

Nates en epi

Spiky pigtails, also called fishtail braids, are a timeless classic. They bring a bohemian and romantic touch to your style and are particularly suitable for a day at the beach or an evening with friends.

Tresses africaines

African braids, also known as "box braids", are hair extensions that allow you to add length and volume to the hair while protecting the ends. They are perfect for those who want to change their look during the holidays without damaging their hair.

Chignon tressé

For more formal occasions or for a romantic dinner, why not opt ​​for a braided bun? Simply make a braid (or several) and wrap it around the base of the bun for an elegant and sophisticated result.

Tips for making beautiful braids on vacation

Now that we have discovered some ideas for hairstyles with braids, here are some tips for successfully making them yourself during the holidays.

  • Prepare your hair: before starting to make a braid, it is important to detangle your hair well to avoid knots and breakage. Use a wide-toothed comb or a special detangling brush to make this step easier.
  • Practice: If you're not used to doing braids, practice at home before you go on vacation. You can watch tutorials on the internet to learn different braiding techniques and styles.

A chic or relaxed hairstyle with braids

  • Choose the right material: to make pretty braids that stay in place all day long, invest in metal-free elastics, flat clips and decorative accessories (beads, ribbons, etc.) adapted to your hair type.
  • Remember to hydrate: braided hair also needs to be hydrated to stay flexible and shiny. Don't forget to pack a light hair oil or moisturizing spray to apply daily to your braids.

If the art of braiding is unfamiliar to you, it is wise to practice at home before leaving on vacation. Many online tutorials offer step-by-step instructions on different braiding techniques and styles. Investing in the right gear is just as crucial to achieving flawless results that stand up to the vagaries of the day. Opt for metal-free elastics, flat clips and decorative accessories adapted to the texture of your hair, such as beads or ribbons.

You will understand, braids are an ideal hairstyle option for the holidays thanks to their ease of maintenance, their comfort and their variety. Do not hesitate to take inspiration from the styles presented on the various tutorials on the web and to adapt your hairstyle according to your desires and your activities during these well-deserved moments of relaxation.

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