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Tout Savoir

Tout Savoir

  • Cristina Cordula’s tips for a bright face
    Cristina Cordula’s tips for a bright face
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    Who doesn’t know Cristina Cordula, the sparkling host of the M6 Shopping Queens? We love her smile and her outspokenness, but also all the fashion and make-up tips she delivers during the shows. It is also one of the most followed French influences on social networks. 

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  • Easy to do curly hairstyles
    Easy to do curly hairstyles
    797 Views Liked

    If you have nice curly hair, you have to get jealous around you. Indeed, a naturally curly or curly mass is a gift from nature. However, care must be taken to preserve the beauty and health of the hair. And it’s not always easy: curly hair requires a lot of maintenance and you can’t afford to neglect them. All women with curly hair face the same dilemma: how to discipline them without too much effort and especially without harming their vitality?

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  • 8 secrets for mastering eyeliner installation
    8 secrets for mastering eyeliner installation
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    Whether you are a beauty lover, a celebrity or a professional, everyone knows that eyeliner is the ideal cosmetic product to enhance your look. In addition, it adapts to all styles and can give you a unique look. However, it is sometimes quite tricky to handle and apply and especially for novice beautistas.

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  • Multicoloured nails: a flagship trend for 2022
    Multicoloured nails: a flagship trend for 2022
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    Already seen at the end of 2021, multicoloured nails are becoming the flagship trend for 2022. After experiencing a complicated period due to the pandemic, our make-ups need to regain the pep of yesteryear. For that, there is nothing better than to opt for bright, joyful and catchy colors, whether for our lipsticks, eyeshadows or manicure. But, that says nails in color does not mean lack of chic or style.

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  • Discover the Cristal Eye to enhance your gaze
    Discover the Cristal Eye to enhance your gaze
    614 Views Liked

    Eye makeup techniques are numerous and rapidly evolving. Some can sublimate our gaze in any circumstance and others are more planned to put us in beauty for a special occasion. In this article, we’re going to discover the Cristal Eye, a technique to enhance your gaze in the evening. 

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  • Make-up rules you need to know
    Make-up rules you need to know
    837 Views Liked

    Everyone has their own opinions on what constitutes a good makeup routine. For some, it’s choosing the right foundation color, for others, it’s choosing lipstick or how to make up your eyes. It’s up to you to find what suits you best, but whatever your personal preferences, it’s undeniable that a well-tuned makeup routine will give you a great result every time. 

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  • How do I know if your sunscreen is still usable ?
    How do I know if your sunscreen is still usable ?
    2182 Views Liked

    When we buy sunscreen, we often don’t think about the expiry date, but it’s important to check it. The lifetime of a sunscreen is shorter than you think, and once the expiration date has passed, the effectiveness of the product decreases. However, as the warm weather approaches, many of us take out our well-stored tubes of sunscreen during the winter. 

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  • Spring-Summer 2022 hair trends
    Spring-Summer 2022 hair trends
    1205 Views Liked

    In the spring, we often want to give a little wind of freedom and renewal to our style. If the outfits and makeup are lighter, what about our hair look? We are used to thinking that the hair should be lightened up as the sunny days approach, but not that! Every year and every season bring their share of novelty in terms of cuts, hairstyles, but also colorations.

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  • Can you make your own cosmetics safely ?
    Can you make your own cosmetics safely ?
    538 Views Liked

    For some time, the trend has been towards DIY. Whether it is decoration, fashion or the manufacture of its own household products, tutorials abound on the internet. Following this trend, the beauty sector is not spared: we find many videos offering us to make our own beauty products.

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  • New manicure: discover powder nail polish!
    New manicure: discover powder nail polish!
    775 Views Liked

    Nail polish has evolved significantly over the past two years. Although they can still be found in the form of classic bottles, many nail polish brands are now becoming more creative. They invent nail polishes completely different from the formulas that existed until then and offer new ways to give your nails a unique and neat appearance. Great new manicure: discover the powder nail polish! 

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  • Our tips for getting rid of blackheads
    Our tips for getting rid of blackheads
    431 Views Liked

    The skin imperfections such as acne pimples, oily skin or blackheads are hard on many women. They are usually due to a bad regulation of sebum and therefore too much production. Pores become clogged and imperfections appear. Fortunately, there are techniques and care to effectively remove these small inconveniences.

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  • Trendy Spring Lipstick Colours
    Trendy Spring Lipstick Colours
    1327 Views Liked

    Spring and summer are fast approaching, with the promise of warmer temperatures and longer days. The warming climate is accompanied by an interest in lighter and natural looks. Lips are often relegated to the background when the mercury starts to rise, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the most coveted beauty trends of the season. 

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