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Eye Liner

Graphic details, effect eye of a deer, beautiful cat-eyes, pin-ups, Cleopatra, the eye-liner is still a cosmetic product, essential in our makeup kits. Version of liquid, gel, or version of pencil, it is proving to be a valuable ally for a look stressed and look successful. But among the range of types of eyeliner available on the market, how not to lose ? Here you will find the tips I Feel the Happiness to choose your eyeliner and make you look sensational.

Liquid eyeliner for maximum accuracy

The liquid eyeliner is generally condition in the tube and is provided with a brush applicator. Often feared for its difficulty of application, it nevertheless offers a made spectacular with a little training. What's more, the main advantage of liquid eyeliner is that it allows you to perform a multitude of traits : fine, thick, straight, graphic, winged, elegant... The liquid eyeliner lends itself to any look of your choice.

Ultra-pigmented, the liquid eyeliner provides also a outfit impeccable. If you are looking for a product that takes all day, with a pigmentation intense, the liquid eyeliner is therefore THE product of choice. You will find in this section different types of liquid eyeliner of high quality and not expensive, such as the Lasting Drama de chez Gemey Maybelline.

The difficulty of catch in hand may impress you, but once you have tamed, you will fall without a doubt in love with this exceptional product. Timeless desire, the liquid eyeliner provides a rendering stunning and chooses especially in the black version. L'oréal, Gemey Maybelline... the favorite brands of makeup lovers all have a version of liquid eyeliner on the cheap.

Eye-liner felt for a path quick and easy

On the other hand, theeye-liner in version felt offers a great alternative to theeyeliner brush. It provides a nice result and a master's degree easier to your stroke. Although its composition is liquid eyeliner felt tip gives you a plot line clear and no burr. Easy-to-use version felt still eye-liner recommended for beginners who want a path, net, accurate, and pigmented.

However, according to the thickness of the cap of the eyeliner pen, make a line ultra-thin is sometimes more difficult with this type of liner. Also pay attention to the shelf life of the eyeliner felt. Make sure you close them after each use to ensure that it does not dry at the end of a few months. You will find in this section different models of eyeliner, felt-like liner, felt Hyper-Precise or even the Curvitude ultrathin chez Gemey Maybelline.

What about the eye-liner pencil, kohl and eye-liner gel ?

You will find different types of eyeliner pencil whose kohl, the pencil outline and theeye-liner cheap version of conditioned freezing to a pencil. The most recognized brands such as L'oreal or even Gemey Maybelline, offer different versions of eyeliner pencil, kohl or gel.

The eye-liner pencil outline is still the most easy-to-use. Recommended for beginners, it is possible toobtain a thin, clear and precise. However, when your pencil is too dry, you'll find it hard to drag on your eyelid. Therefore, it is less recommended for those who have sensitive eyes. The creamy texture turns out to be more advantageous for those who have dry skin.

Slides easily on the skin, kohl is also an eye-liner, cheap and easy to work with. With its composition of beeswax, it remains a must for the beginners of the eyelids fragile. However, to get a thicker line, there is nothing like a eye-liner gel. You will find this type of cosmetic product version pencil or tube with a brush applicator. As for the color, stick to black for your eye liner every day. In I Feel the Happiness, we offer you various types of eyeliner kohl, gel, or pencil of high quality for cheap.

To a original makeup, you can also opt for eye-liners-colored. Gemey Maybelline, L'oréal... you will find the best brands of eyeliner at the lowest price in this topic.

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